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    Explore & Grow

    Encouraging users from childhood to adult, to explore job sector possibilities and grow in personal innovation.


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    Empowering job seekers to approach interviews with self-awareness and confidence.



    Inspiring empathy, engagement, and collaboration within a diverse community.



    Adaptive personalized courses designed to facilitate lifelong learning with engaging content and real-life examples.

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Our team of social entrepreneurs

  • Strategy

    Edgar, a co-founder, develops the strategy and vision that enables Career Pillar to attain both its short-term and long-term goals. Overseeing the implementation of well-developed initiatives, Blunt ensures that both financial and operational growth are successfully maintained.

    Prior to Career Pillar, he spent over 15 years in a full-service Staffing, Recruiting, and Human Resources firm. There Edgar interviewed thousands job seekers and worked with hundreds of businesses to get a first-hand taste of the challenges and rewards of a successful career match.

    As our resident “Student Activities Director” he has a great passion for people. He is energized by innovative collaboration, as well as getting down on the dance floor (with or without a karaoke mic).

  • Technology & Administration

    Jason is an accountant turned programmer, serial entrepreneur, and a co-founder of Career Pillar. He manages all aspects of technology, developing new and innovative systems for both in-house and client use. Shoulet’s responsibilities extend to accounting and legal, where he utilizes his 15 years of extensive strategic, analytical and technical experience.

    Before Career Pillar’s conception, he co-founded and sold two small technology companies and worked for a large regional public accounting firm consulting numerous Bay Area technology companies.

    Jason works hard and plays hard. At the expense of sleep, he can be found consuming copious amounts of good food, enjoying great beer and spending time with his family and friends.

  • Community

    Michelle is responsible for all things community, both internal and external. She keeps customers, users, and the Career Pillar team happily connected by creating and implementing the new customer on-boarding experience, end-user focus groups, midday brain-strolls and all-night company huddles.

    Prior to Career Pillar, Michelle has been a part of numerous teams and managed staff with nonprofit organizations. She is experienced in running programs focused on life skill development for both youth and adults.

    You know that moment when you're on a plane and a complete stranger's mother asks you to her only son's wedding in Kampala, Uganda... and two weeks later you go? Those are the moments Michelle Wong LIVES for.

  • Creative

    Jonathan was Employee Number One for good reason: he has the ability to wear many hats and juggle multiple projects at the same time. His responsibilities now focus on course production including e-learning, curriculum design, videography, studio engineering, UI design, illustration, and technical support.

    Jon's career started in graphic design and has developed into multi-media production. Additionally, he has helped create and launch a number of successful marketing programs for organizations in a variety of industries.

    It’s rumored Jonathan has a set of golden pipes, but this is a sight as elusive as his expense receipts, socks, and chin. You can bet that if something looks good around here, it’s because Jonathan, a.k.a. “the Beautiful One,” has touched it.

  • Content

    Course content is concise, detailed and grammatically-correct because of Janet. With over 15 years’ experience in the human resources field and a passion for writing, she combines industry-specific research with her real-life experiences to create content that is engaging and relevant.

    Janet’s career background includes Human Resources and Marketing Management for small to large sized companies. A certified Professional in Human Resources, she is well versed in current HR trends and best practices.

    Janet is a lover of all things that include lists, labels and file folders, and she just can't resist a good spreadsheet. Add a little wine and cheesecake, and she's all set.

  • Development

    Kevin has a deep interest in career readiness. With a feet-on-the-street approach, he conducts market segment analysis and customized course solutions for the underserved and marginalized across the nation.

    Before joining the Career Pillar team, Kevin was a sales and management professional in the pharmaceutical, transportation, and water treatment industries. Continually a top-five sales representative, he is adept at customer service programs, channel development, and new product launch.

    Kevin has been trained over the last 25 years by some of the best ninja sales minds and hackie sackers in the country and he isn't afraid to use those skills at a moment’s notice.

  • Wisdom

    Jayme, Chief Product Officer of FocusVision, a leading marketing research technology service provider, provides Career Pillar advice on all things start-up. His perspective is invaluable and serves as a beacon for what we hope to accomplish.

    Previous to FocusVision, Jayme served as co-founder and co-CEO of Decipher Inc. where he shepherded his startup to almost two-hundred employees and an acquisition in 2014.

    With his free-time, when not playing Yoda for start-up companies, Jayme can be caught traveling with his family or pedaling his heart out on any surface this country has to offer.

  • Bright Future

    From actress to intern, Laura, is gaining valuable life experiences by tackling almost anything thrown at her.

    Tsutsui, who has earned a prestigious Smittcamp Scholarship is studying Computer Science at Fresno State University.

    Laura has been compared to Beyoncé by those close to her, as she has no problem handling herself on stage with a microphone.

  • Bright Future

    With an appetite for learning, Adrian is testing out design theory and teaching techniques as it relates to under-served youth his home town of Mendota, California.

    Gomez is completing a degree from Fresno State in Sociology and certification in Humanics, a program offering students specialized training in administration and leadership for community benefit organizations.

    Adrian is a lover of all things music. When he’s not playing his guitar for friends and family, he enjoys spending time composing original pieces.

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